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ABOUT GlobixCommerce

Website Design and Search Engine Optimization SEO.  We specialize in custom website development with and emphasis on getting you noticed by search engines like Google.

GlobixCommerce, a division of GlobixTrade, was founded in 2005 with our roots in international trade in both brick and mortar and online retail.  As we grew, so did our reach and we now service industries across all business sectors from mom and pop startups to Fortune 500 organizations.


GlobixCommerce employ's some of the most dynamic web designers and developers in the industry.  Our associates come from diverse backgrounds ranging from B2B Commerce to Major Retail Commerce experience.  Our founding executives have served multi-billion dollar retailers within the C-Level Suite.

Our focus from day one in everything we do is always with one foremost goal in mind...YOU MUST BE FOUND!  Too many businesses throw up websites only to find it has no meaningful impact on their business.  You can not afford to waste the time or money.





On May 20th at 4:11 PM PST, Google’s search guru Matt Cutts sent out a Tweet that caused many a-heart to flutter and shudder. He wrote, simply: “Google is rolling out our Panda 4.0 update starting today.” And the internet panic ensued.

Panda 4.0 is a major release. Whenever Google orchestrates key algorithm changes, a lot of hoopla follows. Because the search giant never clearly articulates exactly what changes are included, web owners are left floundering to understand if and why their rankings take a nose dive.  Read More




SEO Basics

While there is no magic bullet for writing a Web page that will rank highly in search engines, there are a few things you can do to help your pages do better:

  • Write strong content.If you focus on nothing else, you should focus on the content of your Web pages. Search engines want to provide links to relevant pages, and so they are constantly tuning their programs to read and review the content of Web pages to make sure that it really is about what you say it's about. Content is king on a Web page both for your readers and for search engines.

  • Write valid HTML.Ironically, this is often one step in SEO that many Web developers forget - they focus so much on other aspects of SEO that they forget that simple things like valid HTML can help your pages get spidered much more than meta keywords and meta descriptions.

  • Find good keyword phrases.What makes up a good keyword phrase can be tricky, but that is what you should be optimizing your page for. Don't try to come up with every keyword phrase possible. Instead, focus on one phrase that really captures what your page is about, and make sure that that phrase is repeated in the content, the headlines, and links within the page.

  • Don't optimize your entire site.This may seem confusing, but many Web developers want to come up with one keyword phrase and optimize every page on the Web site for that phrase. While that makes your life a lot easier, it won't get any of the pages the exposure that you would otherwise want. Instead, focus on optimizing one page at a time - find the keyword phrase that works for that page, and optimize it. Then move on to the next page in your site. If you treat every page as a possible entry page on your Web site, your readers will have more ways to find the site.

Website Design and Search Engine Optimization SEO.  We specialize in custom website development with and emphasis on getting you noticed by search engines like Google.

GlobixCommerce was a presenter on the floor of Commerce Plus Convention at the MGM Grand in May.  There were over 8,000 attendee's and the team had a great time at this powerful knowledge share!



We partner with 4ColorFlyers to provide you full scale commerce and print media opportunities.


Our parent company specializes in Customs Compliance matters for the retail and manufacturing verticals.



Contact us and let us know what you have to offer our clients.  We are always open to new adventures!

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